IMI member event in Oxford – ‘high voltage vehicles’ event for repairers; with Andy Latham FIMI, Managing Director, Salvage Wire

Posted by News from ABP on 31/7/19:

The IMI is hosting an event for members next month in Oxford aimed at repairers working with high voltage vehicles.

Date: Wednesday 25 Sep 2019 at 7:30pm
Speaker: Andy Latham FIMI, Managing Director, Salvage Wire

More info here.


High voltage vehicles carry a number of risks for those working on the vehicles.

This evening will give an overview of how these vehicles operate, the benefits to the owner and user, alongside the risks involved to those working on the vehicles; how to minimise these risks and keep staff, customers and the business safe.

It is a snapshot of the awareness and level 3 training available from Salvage Wire and is an ideal opportunity for vehicle repairers, dealers, recovery agents, recyclers and first responders to learn more.

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